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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I exit the P1 or P6 car park before my package expires (8, 11, 15 21 days)?

Each package includes the stated number of days and the arrival day e.g. if you have an 8-day package, you can park for 8 full days plus your arrival day so that's 8-9 days. This extra free day is included in case of late return flights or late arrivals. You can park from 00.01am on the first day until 23.59pm on the last day. You can exit before the package expires but you cannot then re-enter.

P1/P6 Shuttle <> Arrivals-Departures

The shuttle service runs from the first to the last flight of the day. You can request it on arrival by using the interphone button with a telephone symbol at the entry barrier. You can park and wait in the bus shelter near the entrance whilst you wait for it to arrive.

If the shuttle isn't parked on the esplanade where it dropped you off when you get back from your trip, please visit the information desk in the middle of the airport (red desk opposite the lifts) and request it.

How to cancel a booking

You can view your booking summary on your regular Resa-Parcs account (username = your email address). Once logged on, click on "Log onto my account" and your list of bookings will appear.

Each booking has a link to cancel it and a link to amend it within the legal limit of 14 days after making the booking. Once this period has expired, cancellation insurance alone can extend this option by up to 48 hours before you arrive on the car park. You will be refunded within 72 working hours of your request.

How to pay for your booking

Bookings on the P1 and P6 car parks can only be made online. Our platform uses a secure payment system called 3DSecure. Once your bank (request they do so if they don't) has activated the system on your card and you have entered your card details, you will receive a text message with a several-digit code to enter into the appropriate field on the payment page. The code confirms that you are the cardholder.

Once payment has been made, you will receive a summary email with your entry code and an email confirming payment. You can view your booking summary on your Resa-Parcs customer account.

If you don't wish to pay online, the best solution is to park on one of our car parks without booking. Our rates are available to view on this website:

Why are the rates different for different car parks?

Our rates are available to view on this website:

NB: we do not provide special rates for disabled people.

Motorbike spaces

There are motorbike spaces on the P3 at P3 rates just in front of the airport lobby. You can use regular car parking spaces on the other car parks.

Disabled parking spaces

Our car parks are in line with current regulations regarding disabled travel.

Our car parks have reserved and specifically designed spaces just a few metres from the entrances and our agents provide assistance to the plane if necessary.

If you require assistance from your parking space please email the approximate arrival dates and times on the car park by to You can confirm your arrival by calling our agents using the interphone button at each entry barrier.

NB: we do not provide special rates for disabled people.

P1 and P6 arrival cut-off time

Arrival time is requested as a guide to organise our car park agent teams. However, you can arrive on the cark park from the first day at 00.01am and exit on the last day of your booking by 23.59pm at the latest or else you will have to pay an extra charge based on the difference with a higher package.

What if my card is declined?

Once you're on the online payment page, the teams at your bank and ours communicate with each other. We are not involved in this stage.

If your card is declined, please contact your bank and ask why your three payment attempts have failed.

Our payment system is under 3DSecure which authenticates bank payments. This means that you will receive a code by text to enter on the webpage. You have to activate this service with your bank.

3DSecure payment

Our payment system works with 3DSecure which sends a text to your mobile to authenticate bank payments. This means you must be eligible for this service through your bank and the bank has to connect your bank account to your mobile phone number.

If you are not eligible for this service, ask your bank to set it up for you (free). It only takes 1-3 days to activate. If you are signed up to the service and you haven't received a text after ten minutes, please redo the booking. If the problem continues, please contact your bank.

Same day booking

Any P1 or P6 booking must be confirmed by 23.59pm on the day before your arrival at the latest.

P4 car park bookings

Regarding P4 bookings, please contact the appropriate department on handles P1 and P6 bookings.

Entry/Exit height restrictions – over-sized vehicles

Our P1 and P6 car parks have no height restrictions. Please enter the entry code and the barrier will open.

However, our P2/P3/P4 car parks have height restrictions (1.90m). If you are limited by height and you want to park on one of these three car parks, visit the P5 entry and press the interphone button on one of the 2 terminals. A member of staff will answer. Please tell them where you are and they will open the barrier manually and explain how to exit.