Final check-in time

The Final Check-In Time is set by each airline according to its operational requirements.
You can check your airline's Final Check-In Time on its presentation file: Click here.

Proceed to your airline's check-in desk on your arrival at the airport, particularly if you are travelling with hold baggage.

Most airlines also let you check-in online, on their website. This facility saves you time at the airport, especially if you just have cabin baggage.

Generally speaking, plan to arrive at the airport early enough so that you have sufficient time for the check-in procedures and, if need be, for going through the Security checkpoints and possibly Customs.

Security Checks

To save time when you go through the Security Checkpoint to get to the boarding lounges, we suggest you follow this advice on how to prepare:

  • Get your boarding pass and identity documents ready
  • Before you get to the Security Checkpoint, take off your jackets, coats, scarves and belts with metal buckles which you will place in the available baskets
  • Empty all your pockets and place the contents (keys, loose change, etc.) in the available baskets
  • Show the officer your liquids placed in a transparent bag (read the restrictions on carrying liquids): Click here.

Take your electronic equipment out of your hand luggage (computer, tablet, mobile telephone, etc.)

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