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General Presentation

Overseas service platform  

Lille Airport is an overseas service platform which provides logistics operators with services and infrastructure tailored to their performance:  

  • Office and warehouse real estate
  • Aviation Services
  • Supply Chain Services
  • Transportation Services
  • Logistics Services : Handling, Transport, Logistics Services tailor-made for airlines, freight forwarding agents and shipping agents


Real Estate Hiring of offices, warehouses, private areas and parking. Help with installation, telephony. Site coordination, synergy development.  Airport Managing Body
Supply chain organisation Door-to-door transportation, customs processing Freight forwarding agent / Integrators
Aviation services Airport open 24 hrs. a day, main runway running East-West (08/26) 2845 m long, ILS cat III all-weather landing, secondary North-South runway, 1600 m long  Size AN124, B747 Airport Managing Body
Air transport Import export transportation with the 5 continents. Express transportation. Shopping. Cargo Charter. Airlines / Integrators
Airport Logistics Handling Import / Export, Processing of freight and mixed flights, Securing of freight, Order preparation, Just-in-time consolidation platform, Packaging, Equipment for heavy loads, Pallet building equipment, Pyrometer temperature monitoring, etc. Handling companies
Pre/post dispatching transportation Inter-airport transportation Carriers
Collection and distribution transportation Collection and distribution with importers and exporters Carriers

Your competitive advantages

An exceptional location :             

  • At the heart of the densest consumer area in Europe, with 150 million inhabitants, accessible for 24/48 distribution (France, Benelux, England)
  • At the centre of the 6 large European cargo hubs: Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg
  • At the heart of the big European purchasing groups for the general and specialised mass market (textiles, sport, automobile, DIY, etc.), mail-order and distance selling, specialized clothing chains, second largest automobile region in France
  • To the south and in the immediate vicinity of Lille metropolis for fast distribution and easy access to the region's importers and exporters
  • Synergy with the close proximity of the Lesquin Regional Transport Centre, a major logistics centre in the region
  • In close proximity to all the services at Lille Airport
  • Our flexible services and attractive rates compared with mega-hubs