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Aéroport de Lille, retour à l'accueil
  One airport :

Lille Airport – stands on over 450 hectares of land, containing 5 hectares of buildings.
Although its normal activity is carried out between 5am and 11pm, the airport is open to international traffic 24 hours a day.
It is equipped for VFR night IFR and is classified ‘Category A’ (international), Category 7 SSLIA.
Lille Airport can accommodate all types of aircraft, from a single engine private aircraft to the large commercial carriers (A380) or Cargo aircraft (Antonov 124)

  An airport with two runways

- 1 main runway running east-west (08/26)
2,845m long
All-weather landing category lll - High
intensity ground lighting
Approach lights - flashes…
- 1 secondary runway running north-south(02/20)
1,600m long

One airport: three terminals

1/ One passenger terminal (scheduled flights and charters)

- A passenger terminal brought into service in May 1996 (architects: the SLOAN architectural consultancy firm)
- Passenger handling capacity: 1.5 to 2 million passengers a year
- A terminal which can be extended to accommodate 3 million passengers a year
- 1,165,000 passengers in 2011

2/ One modern freight terminal which has a high level of activity, growing continually

- A terminal with 13,000 m² of warehousing and 3,000 m² of office space
- more than 45 businesses on the site
- Nearly 250 jobs on the site

3/ One terminal for General (private) and Business Aviation

Well known to the region’s travellers, the old terminal is now used to receive Business Aviation and some other special flights.

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